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It started when two canine scientists decide to become pen pals in an era of digital media...


21 January 2014

2014: Canine Science For All

Wendy74ca's photostream used with permission via Crazy and Little
Hi Mia!

I couldn’t agree with you more! It has been a long time since we chatted about what we’re up to. 

2014 is off to a great start, apart from the fact that it is your summer and my winter. I will always see that as unfair. Keep in mind you started us on this path of “weather comparisons” by posting  that covetous picture of the dog chillin’ in the sun with lemonade. 

Life on the East Coast couldn’t be any different. I raise you with a video of dogs playing in the snow. ;)

These are the cards I’m playing with in 2014:

Playtime at the Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab

Last year we started Project: Play With Your Dog looking at inter-specific play behaviors between dogs and their owners. We received oodles of videos (because that’s a scientific number) from around the globe and are getting a handle on the nuanced behaviors of dogs and their owners. More to come on that this year!

Project do-the-PhD is a GO

You’ll be getting full-on PhD support from me; I want to see those salivary cortisol meta-analysis results! I recently jumped into the PhD boat at the Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology program at CUNY. My supervisor is Diana Reiss who investigates animal cognition and communication in a number of species, although dolphins have been her focus. Looking forward to all that’s to come in this area!

Writing dogs
I’m keeping the pencil to the paper as much as possible and writing for The Bark, Dog Spies at Scientific American and most recently The Dodo with Think Your Dog Has A "Guilty" Look? Think Again. I’ve written a lot on this topic, and I’m happy it seems to be reaching more hands. And there’s also the audio version 'Anthropomorphism: Are we guilty?' thanks to you all at Human Animal Science! 

My first piece for The Dodo
Talking dogs
Interest in canine research has only grown since we met at the 3rd Canine Science Forum in 2012. Last year, I got to cover The Science and Politics of Anthropomorphism and Contextualizing Canine Behavior and Cognition Research at APDT 2013

This March, I’m looking forward to speaking at the 2nd Canine Science Symposium: A Day of Dog Research in San Francisco with other researchers from UF Canine Cognition and Behavior Lab / the Canine Science Collaboratory at ASU. 

Excited to keep trucking along in canine behavior and cognition and see what 2014 brings. As you said, we’ve been meeting a lot of researchers in the field, and highlighting others’ research here at DYBID? has been very well-received. Looking forward to more of that.
Here’s to a dog-filled New Year!

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9 January 2014

2014: A Great Year for Canine Science

Hi Julie,

Hope your festive season was fun and full of laughter. 

Happy new year to you! 

I've decided that 2014 is THE year for canine science! 

It's been a fairly long time since we compared notes on what we're doing at the moment, so I thought I'd start 2014 with a bit of an update for you.

Project finish-the-PhD is GO
It's well and truly time to get this baby fledged! PhD's are not easy at the best of times, and doing mine part time (hello, year seven of working towards this!) has felt a bit like a marathon at times. Luckily, I'm still incredibly excited by my research questions, feeling enthusiastic and looking forward to writing up the results of my research and sharing it with the world. 

source (PhD comics)

My top priorities towards achieving a completed PhD right now are:
  • interpreting the canine salivary cortisol meta-analysis results
  • writing up papers about the perceived welfare of dogs and people's attitudes regarding the importance of various kennel management practices and their relation to canine welfare. Once these are fully drafted (and redrafted x 83), they'll be submitted for publication in a scientific journal

Do You Believe in Dog?
It kind of blew my mind when I realised we've been pen-pal-ing here about dogs and science for a year and a half already! 

I'm looking forward to sharing and discussing more of the latest findings in our field with you as 2014 unfolds around us .

I'm also excited to learn more from exciting guest posts by other canine researchers, like Dr Bradley Smith and Clare Browne.

Canine Science Forum
15-17th of July 2014 has already been highlighted in my calendar and hopefully in yours too, Julie! It marks the 4th Canine Science Forum to be held in Lincoln, UK and teamed for the first time with a Feline Science Forum as well. I'm excited about all the new research that will be shared at this conference and also thinking ahead about which aspects of my research I'll be submitting abstracts for in March. I'm intrigued by their call for 'controversies in canine science' presentations - should make for some fun viewing! 

I'm also very much looking to a reunion with YOU - funny to think this blog started on a whim after our very brief encounter at the last CSF.
Human Animal Science
I've been involved in a new science communication project, Human Animal Science. Set up by the Anthrozoology Research Foundation and Anthrozoology Research Group, this podcast series interviews different experts about their research across a wide range of human-animal science topics. 

It's been fun getting the first six episodes recorded - especially the one with you about anthropomorphism - and we've got more interesting people lined up to chat with in 2014.

Working Dog Alliance
Luckily, the Working Dog Alliance is having a quiet few months right now, allowing me to focus on all of the above. The website is a rich resource hub for the Australian working dog industry. Most of the sensational content from the first conference, including the full-of-awesome keynote addresses by Dr Nicola Rooney and Steve White, can be seen/listened to here: 

Hope you're keeping warm - we've heard it's a very cold Winter in the USA right now. Hard to fathom when our forecast for next week is floating around the 38-40 oC (100-105 oF) mark!

I'd love to hear what you have on the cards for 2014,

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