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Do you Believe in Dog? (2018). Powered by Blogger.

Copyright Do You Believe in Dog (2018)

The content on Do You Believe in Dog? is copyrighted. If you are interested in using any content produced on Do You Believe in Dog? please email a request.

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It started when two canine scientists decide to become pen pals in an era of digital media...



Guest contributors:

Natalia de Souza Albuquerque
Dogs recognize our emotions, and they don’t like it when they see angry

Clare Browne
Dog training: do you get the timing right?

Nanci Creedon

Molly Crossman
What Do You Get When You Cross an Anthropologist and a Zoologist?
Can Therapy Dogs Help Students Handle Stress?

Charlotte Duranton
Do Dogs Synchronize Their Behavior with People? Researcher Seeks Participation in Online Study

Erica Feuerbacher
Less Talk More Touch: What's Your Dog Saying to You?

Jamie Fratkin
Getting practical: Do non-experts make the same behavior assessments of working dogs as experts?

Claudia Fugazza
Do As I Do: Copy Cat Social Imitation in Dog Training

Simon Gadbois
51 Shades of Grey: Misuse, Misunderstanding and Misinformation of the Concepts of “Dominance” and “Punishment”

Karen Griffin
What’s Behind Our Lasting Relationships with Dogs? Researcher Seeks Help

Jessica Hekman
Understanding the Tame Fox: The Hunt for the Genetic Mechanisms of Fearfulness

Christy Hoffman
Isn't it a pitty? USA & UK shelter worker differences in Pit Bull identification

Min Hooi Yong
How do dogs and people respond to a crying baby?

Lucia Lazarowski
How dogs get the point: what enables canines to interpret human gestures?

Lindsay Mehrkam
Scientific Approaches to Enriching the Lives of Sanctuary Wolves and Wolf-Dog “Hybrids”

Cat Reeve
Cat and Dogs: seeking solutions with sniffing canines and science

Bradley Smith
Take a walk on the wild side: Dingo science

Heather Svoboda
Black Dog Syndrome: A Bad Rap?

Kirrilly Thompson 
Facebook, depression & dogs: Send me an Angel

Silvan Urfer
The Dog Aging Project

How you can contribute:

We welcome submissions for blog posts based on peer-reviewed research from canine science researchers and students.  

Following the format of earlier guest posts, researchers and students of canine science are welcome to submit short blog posts (~800 words) based on peer-reviewed research (your own or others). We're hoping posts will focus on research that has been presented at academic conferences or published in scientific journals.

Post should be accessible to a general, dog-loving audience. For Mia and Julie, this often means taking everything you know about academic writing and throwing it far out the window

Accepted guest posts will be shared with the established network of canine science enthusiasts that make up the Do You Believe in Dog? community.

If you'd like more information, send us an email to discuss writing a guest post:

New to science blogging? We hear you:

Writing for a general (in this case, dog-loving) audience is a wee different from academic writing. New to it? Check out The Open Notebook, particularly the 'Elements of Craft' section. Also, excellent primers for new science bloggers at Science Borealis

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