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It started when two canine scientists decide to become pen pals in an era of digital media...


18 October 2012

You are Science. Citizen Science.

What a big eye you have! Oh, you're doing science!

You are 1,000% right. Your rightness is statistically significant. Citizen Science is awesome.

To keep with the awesomeness of Citizen Science, here are a few more Citizen Science websites and projects.

Citizen Science Aggregators

Citizen Science on Scientific American

  • "Scientists collaborating across continents. Now, using the power of the Internet, non-specialists are participating, too."
  • “In a nutshell... This is the place to find out about, take part in, and contribute to science through recreational activities and research projects.” They have an enormous listing of different projects you can join. Through scistarter, you pick an activity, pick a topic and BLAMMO, it shoots out projects that interest you and that you could help with. (you must sign up on scistarter, but that's easy peasy).

Some of my favorite projects

  • (I partially, fine, mostly, like it's acronym) NASA scientists are interested in learning how clouds affect our atmosphere, particularly because clouds play a role in affecting Earth's overall temperature and energy balance. 

  • Hysterical, espeically when they slow down the babies laughing and they sound exactly like old men. Or maybe walruses? Or maybe someone choking. You tell me. My favorite is "Hysterical Bubbles", although that dog gets kinda close to that baby during his/her bubble enjoyment. "Baby laughing at Wii" is pretty good, too.

  • Kind of fabulous. This is their description: "An OTTER SPOTTER is YOU, a citizen scientist who observes river otters in your  neighborhood stream, river, bay/county state or national park/ and elsewhere and submits your information to this ecology project... As of September 2012: +150 observations submitted from across the Bay Area, keep them coming in!"

  • Talking about citizen science reminds me of a project called, I am Science which was on kickstarter and reached its goal. From the website: "I AM SCIENCE brings you the personal stories of the individuals who went off the beaten path toward their careers in science“I am Science” describes the stories behind the people who ended up in science careers. Whether as science writers, academic scientists, pharmaceutical technicians or all of the above there is one thing I have learned: the straight and narrow path is rarely the case."
I just got to Cincinnati for APDT 2012 and will be talking about that Physical Prompts to Anthropomorphism study tomorrow. 

Will try and tweet/Facebook on the conference's content!!

Nighty Night!


Bekoff, M. Dogs: Looking At the Way We Look At Our Best Friends. Psychology Today. August 21, 2012

© Julie Hecht 2012
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