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21 December 2012

Holiday gift list #2!


You were born during such a presenty time of year! It's funny how our worlds during the holidays look so different...

Your world looks like this:

 People think NYC looks like this:

 But it really looks like this:

Ok, I’m being cheeky; I’m done.
But really, sometimes I’m amazed by how much we’re on the same page DESPITE our different landscapes! Here’s my holiday gift list, good for those with two- and four- legs...

1) Camp Unleashed!!
First on my list: Take a trip with your dog! (I’m not kidding, it’s really just a coincidence that we both put that). I’ve been hoping to go to Camp Unleashed for quite some time, and still haven’t been yet. That being said, I still highly recommend it! I know this is more of a USA suggestion, but like you said, the concept holds true no matter where  you are. Camp Unleashed has two locations, one in Asheville, North Carolina, and the other is in The Berkshires, Massachusetts. I know Kim Brophey, the Behaviorist in Asheveille and her curriculum rocks!

2) Play with your dog, for Science!
I had to put that in. Project: Play With Your Dog is getting oodles of submissions, and maybe, after spending (too much) time with family, you’ll want an activity that doesn’t involve food and human-centric talking. In this case, video record YOU AND YOUR DOG playing together, and join our growing Wall of Contributors!

Project: Play With Your Dog (our latest study at the Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab)

3) Toys that dogs will like and use 
Okay fine, different dogs like different things, but I like the concept behind these toys, and many dogs do as well.

4) The Gift of Comfort
Having visitors? Does Uncle Barney sometimes play too rough? This holiday season, try not to ruffle your dog’s feathers. Here’s some suggestions on avoiding ruffled feathers.

5) The Gift of Knowledge
Let’s be honest, some people do bring a new dog (or cat, or rabbit, or fish) into the home over the holidays. Give your new friend the Gift of Knowledge.

Prepare your expectations with Love has No Age Limit by Patricia McConnell and Karen London, sort of like What to Expect When You’re Expecting, only about dogs (is that a good comparison? I've never read What to Expect...)

Preparing expectations is immensely important in getting through the newness of it all, regardless of whether it's a young or older dog. BUT it's particularly important to consider expectations when bringing an older dog into the house who "should" know not to go pee there -- there -- and oh! There too! 

Of course, the wonderful Theo graces the cover courtesy of his awesome person, Kimberly of Eardog Productions and the blog City Dog Country Dog.

Happy Happy Birthday and Holiday Wishes To YOU!!!!

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